Due to the new VAT laws, orders that are shipped to the UK and EU will be through custom listings on my Etsy. Prices will be slightly higher due to etsy fees (+8%).

Using this store as a catalog, please fill out your order below with the item name, quantity, grade/sizing/any other necessary information. For clarity, please just copy and paste the title name of the listing. I will email you with your total with a breakdown within 48 hours, including the shipping fee and the etsy listing. In case of items being out of stock, I will inform you in the email.

Actual amounts must be declared on the package, as I will need to print out an invoice to include for shipping.



All international orders are now required to be shipped with a tracking number, as my postal service discontinued untracked shipping options.

Shipping via Asendia

0-100g: $8 USD

101-500g: $11 USD

501g to 1000g: $18 USD

This is just a general estimate for you, I will provide a proper quote for you after the order form has been submitted!



All international orders are shipped with a tracking number. At the moment we are unable to offer alternative shipping options as Canadapost is the only one offered through Etsy where I am able to fill out tariff codes and use Etsy's IOSS number to ensure you won't be surprised with custom fees upon arrival. 

Shipping via CanadaPost

0-299g: $20 USD

300-500g: $28 USD

501g to 1000g: $45 USD

This is just a general estimate for you, I will provide a proper quote for you after the order form has been submitted!



Once your order is confirmed and the custom listing is made, I will hold these items for you for up to two weeks. (It is highly recommended you still have enough to pay for them at the moment you are requesting because life happens!) If payment is not made, your order will be cancelled and the items will be relisted in my main shop. Please be considerate and know that it takes me some time to calculate everything and edit inventory before I confirm your order so you should only fill out a form if you are committed. You are also welcome to resubmit a form if your order has been cancelled but repeated offenses may result in refusal of service in the future. If your order is already paid for and you are just waiting on a pre-order item to arrive, no worries as that won't count towards the two week holding limit, this is only for unpaid orders. Thank you!



Please note that the taxes are calculated through Etsy and is excluded from the quote I send you through email. The only reason I can ship to the UK and EU at this time is because Etsy collects the taxes for me and reports them on my behalf. This is not an additional fee to be consumed by me, so please keep that in mind before you place an order request and make sure you are able to purchase everything! I can make changes to your order if necessary, but to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, I ask you double check everything looks good before placing a request.


Thanks for submitting!