Pins are all handmade, making it very difficult to offer “perfect” pins. That being said, please refer to the descriptions below for more detailed information on how I grade my pins.

• A Grade: Very little to no flaws. From a distance (I base my quality checking on being at least 6 inches away from me), you likely won't notice anything wrong with the pins. They might have very slightly lower filled enamel, small scratches on the metal or one discoloured glitter speck in them.

• B Grade: Slightly more visible flaws, might include some dust particles trapped inside the enamel, thick metal lines, lower filled enamel, small nicks in the enamel, scratches on the enamel, or slightly wiggly posts.

• C Grade: Highly discounted due to visible flaws in the pin such as missing enamel, lots of low filled enamel, deep scratches, dents, etc.