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Typically items in my shop are not restocked to make room for new merchandise! If you don't see them below, they will likely be gone once they're sold out. The items listed below may be taken off this list at any time, as I may do final runs for them. However if you see them here, they will be restocked at least once more if they are currently sold out!

While everything below will be restocked, they are not prioritized over newer designs and may be restocked at a later date. You may follow my Instagram for more information on when I re-order items and announce estimated arrival dates!

Enamel Pins

Crow Volleyball Boys (First & Second Years)

Crow Volleyball Boys (Third Years)

Cat Volleyball Boys

Owl Volleyball Boys

Plant Volleyball Boys

Eagle Volleyball Boys

Volleyball Boys Set 2

Volleyball Cheer Squad

Face Masks

Black Kitsune

White Rabbit Ice Cream


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