• Size: 4.1" on the longest side
  • Finish: Matte
  • Weatherproof

PEEKER | Pieck Finger

    • Clean the surface you're applying the sticker to, to free it of dust and/or other particles.
    • When the surface is dry, peel off a corner of the back of the decal and align one edge.
    • Be patient with this step! Using an old credit card (it is not recommended to use an active card in case it gets damaged) or squeegee, gently move towards the other edge to clear it of air bubbles as well as you can while removing the back of the decal.
    • Once the sticker has been applied, peel off the transfer paper on top.
    • In case there are still air bubbles, a hair dryer should work well to remove them. If the air bubbles are near the edge,  you may be able to get rid of them using your squeegee or old credit card.