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Note: The blue/clear holographic charm for Senju and Wakasa are the same - the blue version just has a blue film on the back! You can choose to remove or leave this on for a different lollipop base colour.


The full set comes with 4 charms - x2 Senju (x1 blue holographic, x1 pink), x1 Wakasa, x1 Mikey



  • Size: 3.5 inches (charm excluding clasp)

  • Printing: Double sided 

  • Board: Double acrylic board

KEYCHAIN | Brahman Lollipops

  • Please note that the plastic over the acrylic is quite fragile and likely will not last a long time when constantly used. The keychain can still be used without it and the acrylic itself has a plastic film over it for protection. It can be peeled off to reveal your shiny charm, but is recommended you don't peel it off if you want to use it with the plastic on top as you'll risk ripping the plastic in the process. The plastic over the charm can also be replaced using clear plastic bags and cut to fit the charm if ripped.